“Passion” is the key to the success of many businesses.
If you launched some business, a corporate attitude is formed by the people in charge of brands, products and services, both inside and outside the company, working with passion in their respective places. We believe that it will eventually become a “Sense” that enhances quality and fascinate customers, leading to corporate recognition.

“T.d.sense”, also promise to be involved in your marketing and creativity with great passion as a member to support your business.


In order to further enhance the KPI of sales promotion tools, we will propose the optimal image strategy and tools for requests of clients based on each persona setting in “brand”, “service” and “product”.


The most important ideas and plans in business can only be Launch by communicating them to others and gaining empathy from them. We will help you create visuals make and lay out materials to convey ideas and planning smoothly.


We will create a strategic VI based on the underlying logic in order to incorporate the corporate philosophy and brand identity into the optimal design and develop the message with a consistent visual world view.


Design and function are two sides of the same coin. In baby products where high quality is the first condition, even if the design interferes with the function, and even if the function impairs the design, it cannot be adapted to the life with the baby. At Baby blossom, we introduce products that designers have found with a focus on “functional, beautiful, and familiar to life with babies” for a rich and peaceful time for parents and children.